Trauma surgeons

Sports Clinic Dr. Aufmesser Radstadt

All the trauma surgeons working in our clinic are specialists in their fields and have enormous experience in the treatment of sports injuries.

Our trauma surgeons

Dr. Zirknitzer

Dr. Josef Zirknitzer

Specialist in accident surgery, general medicine and sports medicine

Education / Career:

  • 1982 Start of medical training, practical year/internship and accident surgery
  • from 1987 Accident Hospital Salzburg
  • 1991 Specialist in trauma surgery
    Specialty: Shoulder surgery, endoprosthetics, joint surgery, soft tissue sonography, neurosurgery (Mainz)
  • Senior physician since 1995
  • For 15 years, work as a consultant in Salzburg in the joint practice U&G – Trauma surgery and consultant reports
  • Training in sports medicine (sports physician)
  • Hand surgery diplomas
  • Member of the European Shoulder Society.

Range of services and main areas:

  • Arthroscopic joint surgery
  • Minimally invasive osteosynthesis procedures
  • Coverage of all aspects of trauma surgery (extremity injuries)
  • Corrective and secondary interventions
  • Shoulder outpatient clinic
  • Sonography
  • Medical counselling


Dr. Marth

Dr. Wolfgang Marth

Specialist in accident surgery / knee specialist


  • Complex knee injuries
  • Meniscal injuries
  • Patellar injuries
  • Cartilage injuries and wear and tear
  • Ligament instabilities around the knee
  • Total knee endoprosthetics KTEP
  • Arthroscopic surgery on the knee (keyhole technique)
  • Restricted movement after injuries or operations on the knee joint

Medical training:

  • Trauma Center I UKH Salzburg
  • KH Braunau
  • KH Hallein
  • KH Schladming
  • Queens Medical Center Honolulu Hawaii
  • Childrens Hospital San Francisco Californien

Hospitation & further education:

  • Dr. Fulkhum, Garmisch
  • Dr. Beverland, Belfast
  • Dr. Schöttle, Berlin
  • Dr. Stateman, Vail, USA
  • Dr. Hutter, KH der Barmherzigen Schwestern, Innsbruck
  • Dr. Schenk, Schruns, Vorarlberg
  • Dr. Siopay, St. Johann in Tirol
  • Dr. Ambrostitsch, Slowenien
  • Dr. Hofstätter, KH der Barmherzigen Schwestern, Linz
  • Dr. Vavron, KH St. Johann in Tirol
  • Mitec Opinion Leader
  • Live operations on the cruciate ligament in Vienna, Slovenia, Salzburg
  • Ausbildner von Ärtzten über Kreuzbandchirurgietechnik
  • Over 25 years UKH Salzburg
  • Over 10 years Sportsklinik/ Unfallstation Dr. Aufmesser Radstadt
  • Over 3000 operations on the knee joint


Dr. Micha Kucharczyk

Dr. Micha Kucharczyk

Specialist for accident surgery, sports physician

Trauma surgery specialties:

  • Special knee surgery


  • 1995 Doctorate in the entire field of medicine
  • 1996 – 1999 Training as general practitioner (Deaconess Hospital Schladming, LKH Salzburg, CDK Salzburg)
  • 1999 Completion of the Ius practicandi
  • 1999 -2005 Training as a specialist for accident surgery (DOKH Friesach, LKH Klagenfurt, Hospital of the Barmherzige Brüder Salzburg, UKH Salzburg)
  • 01.05.2005 Specialist for Trauma Surgery UKH Salzburg
  • Since 2001 Trauma surgeon at the UKH Salzburg
  • 2011 Opening of the surgery Kasernenstrasse 6, 5061 Elsbethen
  • 2016 Opening of SPORTMED-PLUS Alpenstrasse 95-97, 5020 Salzburg

Additional training courses:

  • ÖÄK diploma for sports medicine
  • ÖÄK diploma for emergency medicine
  • ÖÄK diploma for acupuncture
  • ÖÄK diploma for nutritional medicine

Medical activities:

  • Team doctor of the Austrian Football League
  • Referee (ÖFB)
  • Team doctor ÖSV Alpine Skiing – National Team
  • Medical care of UNION LAB Salzburg
  • Medical care of the VITA CLUB fitness centre in Salzburg
  • Active emergency physician at the Salzburg emergency medical centre
  • Consultant Sanatorium / Kurhotel Rupp – St.Georgen im Attergau
  • Expert of the AUVA Salzburg


Dr. Ritter Egbert

Dr. Egbert Ritter

Specialist for trauma surgery


  • Knee Surgery
  • Shoulder Surgery
  • Replantation Surgery

Education / Career:

  • 1994 Start of medical training
  • Teaching practice in Graz
  • Hospital of the Merciful Brothers Salzburg
  • Orthopaedics in Oberndorf
  • Salzburg regional hospital
  • Since 2005 Accident hospital Salzburg
Dr. Artur Trost

Dr. Artur Trost

Specialist for accident surgery and sports traumatology

Sports motor diagnostics / strength diagnostics

June 2004 – International award for ‘Physician of the Year’:
Dr. Artur Trost received an important international award. The 56-year-old Salzburg native, who operated on Hermann Maier’s seriously injured leg on August 24, 2001, was honored by the Society for Orthopedics, Traumatology and Sports Medicine as “Physician of the Year”.

The reasons for this are obvious: After the successful operation, Dr. Artur Trost accompanied the ski star and provided medical advice to him during his sensational comeback.
Artur Trost accepted the award in Munich, where he impressed the specialist audience with an extraordinary PowerPoint presentation.

Medical training:

  • 1974 Secondary doctor at the Lorenz Böhler KH
  • 1975 TA Chir. dept. KH Vorau
  • 1976-81 Assistant doctor Salzburg at the LKH, I.Surgery
  • 1981 GA University Hospital Erlangen Anaesthesia
  • 1982 Specialist for surgery
  • 1988 Specialist for accident surgery/sports doctor/emergency doctor
  • Senior physician at the UKH Salzburg

Sports medical care:

  • 1976 UHC-Salzburg
  • 1976-94 Emergency doctor at the Salzburgring
  • since 1989 support of the Austrian skiing team
  • 1991-96 Support SV Austria Salzburg

Tel.: +43 (0)6452/7501

Our anaesthetists

Dr. Wawrik

Prim. Dr. Rainer Wawrik

Specialist for anaesthesia and intensive care

Dr. Stubenvoll

Dr. Erich Stubenvoll

Specialist for anaesthesia and intensive care

Born in Graz in 1958
Growing up in Eastern Styria

Medical training:

  • Medical studies in Graz
  • Regular training in Styria
  • Training in anaesthesia at the DKH Schladming and University Hospital Graz
  • Specialist for anaesthesia and intensive care medicine since 1993 University Hospital Graz

Medical activities:

  • Emergency doctor, RTH services from 1991 to 1997
  • Since 1997 at the UKH Graz
  • Activity in outpatient facilities

family (4 children), cross country skiing, travelling