Training opportunities at Dr. Aufmesser

Teaching practice training

Dr. Harald Aufmesser and Dr. Doris Aufmesser are teaching physicians at the PMU Salzburg. During studies at the PMU, all internship days in general medicine, clinical traineeships and internships in general medicine within the scope of the clinical/practical year can be completed in our practice. Of course, we are also happy to accept students from other universities for clinical traineeships and internships and within the framework of the clinical/practical year.

Dr. David Stelzhammer ist is teaching practice director at the Medical Universities of Vienna and Graz. Accreditation for the Universities of Innsbruck and Linz will also be available soon. If you have any questions or are interested, please contact us.

During the internship you will receive uniforms and free meals. We can also offer you accommodation, subject to availability.

In order to guarantee a good quality training, we ask you to register in advance by calling 06452/7501 or by sending an e-mail to

In our practice, we have been looking after young colleagues for over 25 years within the framework of practical training. Within the framework of the teaching practice, you can work independently under expert guidance and as such, continuously expand your knowledge and skills.

We offer you good quality training with

  • a broad spectrum of general medicine
  • Work clothes
  • Catering
  • Accommodation
  • and above-average pay.

In our practice for general medicine (Dr. Harald & Dr. Doris Aufmesser), it is possible to complete the teaching practice according to the ‘old’ scheme, and from September 2018, according to the ‘new’ scheme.

Nursing apprenticeship

Internships for students of health & nursing as well as trainees in medical assistant professions.

We offer internships for

  • Students of health and nursing (from December to April)
  • Nursing assistance students (from December to April)
  • Medical assistant professions (in particular office assistant and radiographer)

Above all, during the internship, the trainees learn about the outpatient and surgical care of patients with sports injuries. But also, general nursing practice (sects. 15, 16 Nursing Act (GuKG)) and assistance with various diagnostic and therapeutic measures can be learned in our hospital.

For an interesting and varied internship, please apply at

Krankenanstalt Radstadt Obertauern Dr. Aufmesser GmbH
Nursing management – DGKP Susanne Kranabetter
Judenbühel 3
5550 Radstadt

Or by email to