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Sport fitness examination

These examinations are especially required for schools with a focus on sports or before joining a sports club. These are private medical services, which may be paid for by the club in individual cases.

The examinations that are necessary within the scope of such a sports fitness examination depend on the scope of services that is required and are discussed with the patient personally and individually.

Fitness examination

Physical health is an important requirement for professional and recreational divers. The fitness examination in our practice serves the purpose of being able to practice diving without danger, as well as preventing diving accidents.
The examination should be repeated after two to three years and performed annually before the age of 18 and from the age of 40 onwards.

Fitness examination for fire brigade staff

In our practice we perform normal examinations as well as examinations for wearers of respiratory protection devices. By appointment.

Fitness examinations are only possible by making an appointment.

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Dr. Aufmesser and Dr. Stelzhammer