ACP therapy

With certain sports injuries such as B. tennis elbow, heel spur, jumper knee

If you are currently being treated with an injury to the ligaments, tendons or muscles, you should discuss with your doctor whether a complementary ACP therapy can support the healing process.

ACP-Therapie bei Dr. Aufmesser

ACP-therapy at Dr. Aufmesser

ACP therapy offers a natural, biological approach to therapy by using the body’s own biological agents in your blood.

  • Outpatient
  • Fast treatment (< 30 min.)
  • Body’s own, biological active ingredients

Studies have confirmed the effectiveness in the case of tennis elbow, heel spur and jumper’s knee.

Blutabnahme bei ACP-Therapie - Dr. Aufmesser Radstadt/Obertauern

The treatment process

  1. Blood sample from the vein in the arm
  2. Separation process for obtaining the body’s own active substances in a concentrated form
  3. Injection of these active substances into the affected region