Preventive medical check-up

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All persons over the age of 18 living in Austria are entitled to a free preventive medical check-up once a year. An appointment is usually required for this examination. This preventive medical check-up is intended to record risk factors and early stages of common diseases.

The focus of the preventive medical check-up

Cardiovascular system

Increased blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, long term consequences of smoking

Metabolic diseases

Lipometabolic disorders, gout, diabetes


Stomach, colon, skin, bladder, mammary gland, prostate, etc.


of a medical check-up by Dr. Aufmesser

Once an appointment has been made, a series of tests (blood, urine, stools) are first carried out in the laboratory. For the blood test, the patient must fast in the morning (no more eating or drinking after midnight).

This is followed by a physical examination and a conversation to ascertain any relevant health problems. A final consultation provides comprehensive information about the findings, the individual state of health, existing risk factors and any further measures which may be necessary.

Many hazardous health disorders can be avoided completely or at least detected at a stage where they are easily treatable by regular participation in preventive medical checkups.

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