Sportc clinic Dr. Aufmesser

We specialize in the rapid clarification, diagnosis and acute care of sports and leisure accidents.

Following a detailed examination, the doctor discusses the pattern of injury with the patient – in conjunction with the results of a radiological diagnosis (X-ray, CT or MRI). Depending on the type of injury, conservative or surgical treatment is then recommended.

Our operating theatre is equipped to reflect the latest technology and medicine and corresponds to the highest sterility class (class 1a). In addition to video arthroscopy equipment and modern X-ray technology, it includes a fully equipped state-of-the-art anaesthesia unit. All trauma surgeons and anesthetists working in our hospital are specialists in their fields and have extensive surgical experience in the treatment of sports injuries.

The range of operations includes (with the exception of hip and thigh fractures) the treatment of all injuries relating to the extremities (arms and legs).