Computed tomography – CT

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Computer tomography (CT) is a very important tool in X-ray diagnostics. We especially use computed tomography in the field of sports medicine for trauma surgery. ith this device, bone injuries as well as structures from the inside of the body can also be displayed three-dimensionally. Computer tomography is a valuable aid in preoperative preparation and treatment planning, especially in trauma surgery, as it enables us to determine the exact position and extent of bone injuries.

At our hospital in Radstadt-Obertauern we work with a Siemens Somatom Emotion 6 computer tomograph.

CT (Computertomographie) - Doktor Aufmesser Radstadt/Obertauern

CT examinations at Dr. Aufmesser

  • Flexible scheduling without long waiting times
  • Teleradiological findings in the shortest possible time
  • Cost absorption for the CT examination is only possible via supplementary insurance
CT (Computertomographie) - Doktor Aufmesser Radstadt/Obertauern

Procedure of the examination:

Computed tomography uses X-rays. During the examination, you will be surrounded by the X-ray tube while lying down. At the same time, an X-ray beam is emitted by the machine. With the computer tomograph, each part of the body can be scanned separately and thus examined. In order to obtain clearer images, it is sometimes necessary to inject a contrast medium into the blood vessel system via a vein. During the examination you should lie as still and relaxed as possible. The CT examination takes about two to ten minutes, depending on the complexity of the examination, and is completely painless.