Team & Ärzte

The team of doctors and nurses, as well as all the staff at Radstadt-Obertauern Hospital, always strive to make you feel good while you are getting better with us! The focus of our efforts is the goal of offering our patients the highest quality in all areas. Our experienced, trained staff look after your well-being around the clock and offer you competent and high-quality medical care.

Dr. Doris Aufmesser

Dr. Doris Aufmesser

General practitioner and emergency doctor
Diploma in sports medicine and acupuncture

  • Management and medical management
  • Medical studies in Innsbruck (PhD 2007)
  • Rotary training at the KH Schwarzach February 2008 to June 2012 – including 1 year of training at the Trauma Surgery department at the KH Schwarzach
  • June 2012 to November 2012: Emergency doctor at the Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine at the Schwarzach Hospital
  • ÖÄK diploma for acupuncture
  • Experts for driving license examinations

Interests: reading, traveling, running, cycling, skiing, ski touring

Dr. David Stelzhammer

General practitioner and emergency doctor
Diploma in sports medicine and substitution treatment

  • Medical studies in Innsbruck
  • Training as a general practitioner at the hospital of the Barmherzigen Brüder Salzburg and at the LKH / CDK Salzburg
  • Specialist assistant at the department for anesthesia and intensive care medicine in the KH Braunau / Inn and LKH Salzburg
  • ÖÄK diploma for sports medicine
  • ÖÄK diploma for substitution treatment
  • Expert for driving license examinations

Interests: music, mountaineering, cycling, ski touring

Dr. Micha Kucharczyk

Dr. Micha Kucharczyk

Specialist for accident surgery, sports physician

  • Doctorate in all medicine
  • General practitioner diploma
  • Diploma as a specialist in trauma surgery
  • Appointment as senior physician at UKH Salzburg
  • ÖÄK diploma for sports medicine
  • ÖÄK diploma for emergency medicine
  • ÖÄK diploma for nutritional medicine

Team doctor for the Austrian Football League Referee (ÖFB)
Team doctor ÖSV Alpine Skiing National Team

Dr. Harald Aufmesser

MR Dr. Harald Aufmesser

General practitioner and emergency doctor
Diploma in Sports Medicine

  • Medical studies in Vienna (PhD 1982)
  • Then 3 years of rotating training in Zell am See
  • Since 1985 general practitioner, sports doctor and emergency doctor with practice in Radstadt and Obertauern.
  • Deputy Head of the Radstadt Hospital
  • From 1994 medical director of the sports medical outpatient clinic of the ÖSV training center in Obertauern (Olympic base)

Interests: art, music, windsurfing, golf, volleyball

Dr. Werner Aufmesser

OMR Dr. Werner Aufmesser

General practitioner and emergency doctor
Diploma for sports and environmental medicine

  • Medical studies in Vienna (doctorate 1974)
  • Medical training at the Salzburg Accident Hospital and at the Salzburg Regional Hospital
  • 1977 branch in Radstadt
  • Additional diplomas from the Austrian Medical Association for emergency medicine, sports medicine and environmental medicine
  • President of the Salzburg Regional Association of the Austrian Red Cross Salzburg
  • Training doctor in the Salzburg regional association of the Austrian Red Cross
  • Expert for driving license examinations

Interests: reading, traveling, diving

Dr. Anita Maruna

Dr. Anita Maruna

General practitioner and emergency doctor Diploma for alpine and altitude medicine, expedition medicine and acupuncture

  • Medical studies in Vienna (PhD 2005)
  • Rotating training in Rechnitz, Linz, Bad Ischl
  • Diploma for emergency medicine, alpine and altitude medicine, expedition medicine
  • ÖKA diploma for acupuncture and sports medicine
  • Since 2008 accompanying trekking ventures and expeditions in Nepal, Pakistan etc. South America.
  • Active at Dr. Aufmesser since 2009
  • 2012 Start of training in manual therapy

Interests: mountaineering (2006 ascent Shisha Pangma 8,046 m), climbing, traveling

Dr. Julia Hofbauer

Fachärztin für Orthopädie und Traumatologie

  • Medizinstudium in Wien (Promotion 2015)
  • Facharztausbildung im A. ö. KH Oberwart (2016-2022)
  • ÖÄK-Diplom für Sportmedizin, Alpin- und Höhenmedizin und Manuelle Medizin

Interessen: Outdoor-Aktivitäten, v.a. Skifahren (Freeride, Touren) und Radfahren (Enduro-MTB, Gravelbike)

Kranabetter Susanne

Susanne Kranabetter

Certified nurse

Responsibilities: Nursing service management, quality management

T. Steger

Diplomierte Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegerin

Stellvertretende Pflegedienstleitung

Gschwandtl Ferdinand

Ferdinand Gschwandtl

Surgical assistant, plaster assistant

Kathrin Floh

Certified nurse

Responsibilities: hygiene contact person

Warter Eva-Maria

Eva Maria Warter

Certified nurse

Training as a plaster assistant

Responsibilities: Head of the ambulance

Kreuzer Melissa

Melissa Kreuzer

Certified nurse

Responsibilities: health care

A. Maier


Lindström Angele

Angèle Lindström

Certified nurse

Responsibilities: health care

Kleutsch Sabine

Sabine Kleutsch

Certified nurse

Certificate in wound management

Responsibilities: health care

T. Erlbacher

Diplomierte Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegerin

D. Eckhart

Diplomierte Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegerin

D. Reiter

Diplomierte Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegerin

L. Percht


E. Wallinger


Andrea Maier


S. Walcher, MSc, MBA

Diplomierte Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegerin

Bereichsleitung OP-Pflege

Balbina Fritz

Balbina Fritz, BScN

Certified nurse

Responsibilities: health care

Wieland Eva-Maria

Eva Maria Wieland

Certified nurse

Responsibilities: Head of our Ordination in Obertauern

Mühlbacher Elisabeth

Elisabeth Mühlbacher

Certified nurse

Responsibilities: OR care

A. Moser


Ortner Irene

Irene Ortner, BSc.

Radiology technologist

Responsibilities: Head of Radiology, Quality Management

Nina Trinker

Nina Trinker, MSc.

Radiology technologist

Responsibilities: radiology, quality management

Lechner Brigitte

Brigitte Lechner

Medical-technical specialist

Responsibilities: radiology

M. Passrugger, BSc

Biomedizinische Analytikerin

Bereichsleitung Labor

Wieser Brigitte

Brigitte Wieser

Medical-technical specialist

Responsibilities: Therapy

N. Aschauer

Biomedizinische Analytikerin

Mag. (FH) Marcus Ziegler

Kaufmännische Leitung

Controlling, Verwaltung

Sepp Oberauer

Operational management

Voppichler Dagmar

Dagmar Voppichler

Head of Administration

Responsibilities: human resources, accounting, controlling

Rachelsperger Carina

Carina Rachelsperger

Deputy Head of Administration

Responsibilities: payroll, quality management, accounting

Moosbrugger Anja

Anja Moosbrugger


Viehhauser Veronika

Veronika Viehhauser

Office, accounting

Obrazhda Naile

Naile Obrazhda

Office, accounting

Bulay Nathalie

Nathalie Bulay

Office, accounting

Kronreif Nadine

Nadine Kronreif


Winkler-Kahr Andrea

Andrea Winkler-Kahr


L. Karner


B. Kaymaz



C. Winter


D. Slamanig



Steiner Emma

Emma Steiner


Golubovic Dragana

Dragana Golubovic

Head of cleaning

Anneliese Brüggler


Gaca Anna

Anna Gaca


Stojanovic Slavica

Slavica Stojanovic


Ivos Andrea

Andreea Ivos


G. Pankhart


H. Zuka


M. Zach